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36th Aero Squadron at Etamps, France

18 September, 1917

 ...Two days later the men of the 36th received a royal welcome at the town of Etamps, France. Civic leaders and military officials conducted a welcoming ceremony. Each man of the 36th received a ticket, which was good for one free drink, which could be used at any café in town. The men soon found out that they could present the ticket, imbibe one drink, and then ask for the ticket back to keep as a souvenir. This process was repeated throughout the night, and as the town had about 74 cafés, the squadron was temporarily immobilized.

Historical Timeline

"Father, I command a wilder bunch of roughnecks than your rough riders ever dared to be!" -

1Lt Quentin Roosevelt

Commanding Officer, 36th Aero Squadron

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